Romance of Thought.

I love the sea, for it’s too deep.

Deep to the extreme where no-one can imagine or go.

My thought runs on the surface of it;

It never goes deep, never dives into it.

It’s limited and raw,

It is afraid of the depth and the dark,

For my words are new and naive.

They do not know how to move and sway into the hearts.

For me, they should go and strive for their place into the sea; the heart of hearts.

Go, don’t ask me, don’t look at me.

Struggle for your love and work for your destiny.

You are free to fly and roam around:

I will never stop you oh! You go and pierce the hearts and make them melt for you.

Tear the harsh wave of cowardice with the valor of your sowrd.

Ayesha Aamir.

All copyrights are reserved.


My Love! To You.

My idea of love starts from You?
Yours is the difficult one.
My world revolves around You;
You are my sun and I’m Your moon.
I get my light and the sight from You.
You can change me into bright or dark;
Into sweet or harsh.
I am love, and You are life
Words are not important You say,
Yet they can do wonders.
See I have done what I needed;
Let’s wait for Your right turn.
Let’s take a turn and say it out loud:
You love me, like me , hate me or what?
I know the answer, I can hear Your heart’s sound;
But the beats of Your heart are not enough,
They are no words, and words do magic on me.
My love does not drum with the beats,
It is passion which runs in my blood:
Paints a figure of You with the color of words,
And the expression of Love is You in my Heart.

Ayesha Aamir.

All copyrights are reserved.


Suffocation; comes from within
It kills a soul.
The hand is none else
But your own
I killed my soul with a constant hammering,
Of disgrace, repenting and moan.
My heart aches to see this world.
People mash and dash to pull themselves towards hell.
It hurts to say it hurts to hide;
This melee murders my soul and mind.
I want to be heard, but yet not now.
Hold this cry so, that your heart burst.
It will show more to the world,
How did I feel and what is this screaming for.
Ayesha Aamir.

A Crystal in Fog.

No branch can hold the weight;
Of sorrow and gloom.
My heart, is the strongest thing I have ever seen,
It bears, wavers, comes back and fluctuates.
It is the deepest well of dark light:
It hides many treasures and lots of bright.
The whims of storm, and vampy looks of people
Have , made us both.
Someone is looking at me with a catish smile;
Something really bad, yet piercing my knowledge,
To get deep, and deep and wise.
Be patient, it is not the end of your pain.
Be ready for the one , yet to come:
May be your heart will drain,
But the pain that comes and goes is so beautiful.
It makes my heart grow as firm rock.
I have gain much from this pain;
So, I’m ready come forth with your next level game.
You won’t see me hiding,
You won’t see me sliding:
I will face the reality, and win the race;
With the power of my fantasy.

Ayesha Aamir.

All copyrights are reserved.

Stream of consciousness In The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner.

Stream-of-consciousness is  a technique through which the writer sketches the thinking patterns of his character. The time runs according to the internal clock of the character’s mind, real time does not exist when the thought runs in the mind of the character. The writer explains the traits and personality of the character through his/her psychological patterning. This technique has been used by many writers but, James Joyce and Virginia Wolf are famous for the apt use of this technique in their novels.

Stream-of-consciousness comes under the title of modern fiction. Though Virginia Wolf is not considered as pure modern novelist yet, she is famous of using stream-of-consciousness in her novel To The Lighthouse.

The novel under discussion has many ways to present the technique of Stream-of-consciousness. Faulkner has not merely used the technique but, he has made it more complicated yet attractive and effective. His use of the technique is not merely the representation of the thoughts and ideals of the character rather, he has used the technique according to the psyche of the character; which shows how a character will think or behave in a particular circumstance. It also displays the personality of each character in a different way. Let us start with the Character of Benjy. The youngest son of the Compson’s family. He is a retard. Here we can test the narrative, whether it supports the character or not. But, the design of Faulkner’s narrative is amazing. He has not left a puny thread behind to be objected. In Benjy’s character we see him constantly lost in his memories. He thinks and while thinking one thought he forgets and starts yearning an other one. That makes his character complex and interesting at the same time. Faulkner has justified his character by giving him an unfocused and broken speech. His character is simple with words, as he cannot use or remember difficult vocabulary items so, his language is not hard to understand. But, to keep up with his thinking pattern is hard. We cannot follow the flow as, it is not in a normal manner. The flow of his thoughts is disturbed as he jumps from one thought to an other. Thus, the character of Benjy is both simple and complex.

Caddy is the one who is running the story. She is the center of the novel. Without Caddy there would not be any “sound” and there would not be a hint of “fury”. She is not a physically present character in the novel. She does not explain herself or her thoughts in the course of the story. She is actually controlling the story and holding it tight as she runs in the minds of all characters. Benjy loves her as a mother, all his thoughts and all his life revolves around her. He remembers the day of her wedding which disturbs him the most as, that was the day when she went away from him. He holds her scarf to feel her presence. He yearns her affectionate actions and loving smiles. In short she is the only thought in Benjy’s character and in his Stream-of-consciousness.

Then comes Quentine, He also likes and loves to move around Caddy. He wants her to be under the control of family traditions and norms on the other hand, Caddy does not like to follow traditions. She is not a simple lady with simple ideologies. She wants to live her life according to her own desires and rule. She has a strong personality to empower anyone. She is kind, Affectionate and loving. The only flaw is that she cannot control her desires rather, she cannot bound herself. She runs in the mind of Quentine as well. Quentine has many problems; he cannot decide how to shed off the filthy thoughts of love making with his sister. He is sexually attracted towards Caddy, which makes him jealous of seeing her with any other guy. There are tow reasons to this too; i that he loves her with sexual imagination and, ii that he wants her to keep the honor of the family intact. Faulkner has shown the confused character of Quentine through his thinking pattern. The novel starts with Quentine’s death, he commits suicide as, he couldn’t hold the burden of his cursed conscience and agonized fate. He is the older son of Compson family and a great loss to them. He is a coward as, he couldn’t face the reality and killed himself for no reason. The whole family is disturbed by Caddy it seems but, when we go deep into it, we see that the characters of the novel do not give space to each other to breath in peace.

Jason is the one who is not concerned about anything but, money. He wants the name and money from his family nothing else. He is the bad guy and the selfish one. He uses Caddy the junior for this purpose. They have kept Caddy the junior away from her mother even then she has the same nature in fact, her rebellious nature is worse than her mother. She also does not care about Jason and her grandmother. She teases Jason as, she knows that he himself is not true to his family then how can he expect it from others to stay loyal to the family. Caddy the junior has learnt it all from her surroundings. She knows that no one around her is pure. Therefore, she does everything what she likes.

So, the representation of characters through stream-of-consciousness has changed the pattern of the narrative. It has made it complex but, it also has enhanced the understanding of internal world orders. Through this technique we understand behaviors and situations. It makes the way for critical thinking and opens the doors of multiple interpretations. Though we think that it is purely a modern technique but, it was there in classic fiction too. In Emily Bronte’s Wuthering  Heights we see the technique of stream-of-consciousness in the character of Heathcliff. Similarly, we see it in the character of Maggie in George Eliot’s The Mill on The Floss.  There are many other examples. But the full picture has been represented in the modern times by modern writers.

Ayesha Aamir.

All copyrights are reserved


Suffocation; comes from within
It kills the soul.
The hand is none else
But, your own.
I killed my soul with a constant hammering,
Of disgrace, repenting and moan.
My heart aches to see this world.
People mash, and dash, to pull themselves towards hell.
It hurts to say it hurts to hide;
This melee murders my soul and mind.
I want to be heard, but yet not now.
Hold this cry so, that your heart burst.
It will show more to the world,
How did I feel, and what is this screaming for.
Ayesha Aamir
All copyrights are reserved.

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is a masterpiece of T.S. Eliot. The title suggests it aptly that this is not a traditional love song of a romantic tone. It is rather, a mockery upon the condition of a modern man, who has faced the Wars and now facing the after effects of it. Eliot has displayed many themes in his poem, and he has described the mental turmoils of the modern man. He has portrayed the picture of a confused and paralyzed society, where people do not know what to do and which tradition should be followed; classic or modern. Eliot has laughed at his people and, described their paralysis in an apt fashion. Though he has made fun of the modern man and his confused psyche yet, this poem is not just a mimic. Rather, it is a complete picture to the history of modernism and, how people had lost their confidence and faith in the chaotic scenario of Wars. The narrative of the poem is equally impressive and attractive.

He starts with the epigraph from Dante. In which a man who lives in hell tells the secrets of his life to the one who is there only for some time. The man who reveals the secret does not know that the other one will go to the world again. So, when he gets the idea he feels ashamed of himself. He knows that no man can keep secrets for long and, now soon after his departure from the hell, he will tell the story of his life to everyone and, that will make his condition worse in the hell too.

The poem talks about the ruins which man has to collect after every mistake or sin. In my perception it gives the message of being alone in the hard times or it might be the other way around; that nobody else can correct your mistakes, it is only the one who commits them can amend them or eradicate them from the character. When you have ruined your life then you cannot hold others tongues of saying nasty things. Moreover you cannot change or erase the smile, the sarcastic smiles of their faces. They will mock at you, laugh and make fun of your deeds. Then comes the other part; that is the one who laughs today will put his/her self in the same spot tomorrow. As, there are no saints in the modern times, all have flaws and darkness of the character.

In the poem we find certain refrains, which shows the constant confusion of the modern man. For example;

Let us go, the first refrain in the poem. Here the person says let us go You and I; shows quite vividly that, someone wants to escape from somewhere. Or someone wants to escape from his present state of mind. It shows the irritation or mental illness of the speaker. As, the person is imprisoned in hell, he wants to escape from the misery of hell. Hell is everywhere as Mephistopheles says in Doctor Faustus. He describes hell as a mental state, same kind of a fabric we see in this refrain of let us go, let us go.

Then an other refrain is;

In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michelangelo.

It shows the lack of confidence in one’s own self. The speaker does not have confidence not even a hint of it. Michelangelo was the activist of Renaissance movement, and he was an extremely handsome man. The speaker here seems to degrade himself and gets intimidated  by the charms of Michelangelo’s personality. He thinks that none of the women will like him as he is a flimsy, little pale fellow. He is too conscious about his physical impotency. That is the drawback which Eliot wants to communicate that, people in modern time are more concerned about their appearances then their soul and spirituality. The main focus is now looks and appearance. Here he also talks about the mentality of modern women which has been changed altogether. Women are now not just the representation of obedience as they used to be in the classic times. Now, they have their own opinions and their own ways to deal with life. They cannot follow the leadership of men blindly.

Then comes the most interesting refrains of; Do I dare, Do I dare, and How should I presume; here the speaker says it all. He displays all his ideals about himself. He degrades rather disgraces himself. He describes his physical appearance and asks that; with these miserable looks and personality do I dare to approach any woman? The questions and thought itself is quite ridiculous. It shows it clearly that he does not respect himself. He does not have confidence. He is a coward and because of his cowardice he will never be able to approach anyone in his life. People call him modern Hamlet, but I do not agree to this opinion. As, he is not a retrospective man with wisdom. True that like Hamlet he is not a man of action but, he is not a man of thought and philosophy too. Hamlet’s delay in action has many reasons like religious aspects and the matters of his knowledge. Here there isn’t any matter of knowledge rather, he is merely just concerned about his physicality and worried about his sexual desires. In fact, he himself in the poem denies to be Hamlet.

That is not what I meant at all;
               That is not it, at all.”
This is an other refrain in the poem. The speaker here is again confused about his words and what he meant. He is not sure of his ideals or he does not know the right expression in which he can explain it to the world. Here we see the verbal impotency of the modern man. He cannot project himself in a proper way. He says something but does not know how to support his argument. He compares himself with the great personalities of history and keeps on pulling himself down. He does not need anyone else as an enemy, as he himself is an enough source to do that. The comparison in normal routine doesn’t seem nice and good. It has nothing to do with the person whom you are comparing with others. It ultimately disturbs the mind and shatters the confidence. And, here in the poem he is constantly comparing himself with the good people as well as with the bad ones. He doesn’t even think that he can e compared with the bad examples. It proves that how worse he thinks of himself. It is to be said that you never lose until you make your mind that you have lost it. He has not tried to be in the run, he is just negating his personality and demolishing it.
There are other things in the poem which are quite important;
There is not only the comparison of personalities but, also the comparison of classic times with modern times. As, he in the course of the poem plays with the ideologies, therefore, it seems as if, he tries to compare his past condition with the present one.
He also talks about the science and its negativity. The advancement of science has ruined the faith of people. Modern man trusts the science more than God. He is now out of the phase of Romanticism. He does not need nature as a mother or as a heeling source for their worries. Nature is just nature nothing more than that. No meditation and no positive vibes from it can help the modern man. Science and its inventions has built a wall between man and nature. Lack of faith has created the disturbance in the attitudes of people. They are still confused; where to go? And whom to believe.
 Cats also have been used in the poem symbolically, they are the symbol of supernatural beings but, here they represent the pollution, disease and illness. People do not only have mental paralysis but, they also have the laziness in their moves. They want everything but, they do not want to work.
Eliot has used Freudian imagery when he talks about women, mermaids hair, peach and so on and so forth. Eliot tries to portray the image of sexual anxiety in modern man. He does not have the courage to approach anyone thus, he is suffering from the sexual anxiety because of his lack of confidence. He wants to make love and to be loved by someone but, he cannot make initiatives. Thus, we can say that he does not want to approach someone rather, he wants to be approached my the other party.
Thus, all in all this sexual anxiety, physical and mental turmoil are suffocating the life of a modern man. He cannot sustain the suffocation, yet he does not find any way to get out of it.



A Pure Stain.

Sasha: She is frightened and looking someone behaind the door
Nervously she thins to herself; Who is he? And why on earth is he following me?
Right then Sharib came and put his hand on her shoulder.
Sasha started screaming;
Sasha: Aaaa aaaa aaaaaaaa
Sharib: Hey just relax and quiet its just me your brother Sharib; and by the way whats going on here why are you looking out in manner as if you are spying on someone han?
Sasha: Ah! you just scared me to death bhae, at least make some sound while stepping forward to someone urghh. And No! no ! (reluctantly) i’m not spying actually I thought someone has knocked the door so I was just checking.
Sharib: oh, okay if that is the reason but your expressions are quite odd as if you have seen some sort of ghost or any other ugly creature hmm well I know i’m not that ugly looking do I? asking (smilingly).
Sasha: Phuff! now stop teasing me for such little thing Bhae.
Sharib okay miss enough of this nonsense, you go and change your Uniform and i’ll set food for you on the table and we”ll both have our lunch together.
Sasha: Okay (rushing towards her room) as she wants to escape from her brother’s sight as soon as possible. In her room thinking and talking in her mind session has started again; she is in mental conflict,
What a rash situation it is what should I do? Should I tell it to Bhae or keep this to myself? ah!
what an awful scenario.
Well I know Sharib bhae is very aggressive and he himself doesn’t know what he’ll do in his anger, but, if I hide it from him and anything bad happens he will blame me for not sharing this to him. He will never trust me ever again in his life and I certainly cannot sustain that; I think I should gather my courage and tell him the truth.
Sharib: Where are you Sasha changing clothes doesn’t need that much time.
Sasha: Here I come.
On the Dining table while both the siblings were eating food Sharib observed Sasha isn’t eating rather, staring at her plate;
Sharib: Sasha why are you not eating?

Sasha: I am bhae.
Sharib: Ehm! I can see that.
Sasha: Yes I mean I am eating a a I mean her breath has gone heavier and she was not able to combine her word properly.
Bhae I um I want um I mean she was agitated to share that with her brother because of his aggressive nature.
Sharib: Sasha you what? Why are you so nervous today? Just say it and let it go off your heart.
Sasha: She broke to tears and in her eyes there was a visible fear that made thing a little more stressed.
Sharib: Why are you crying my little doll? Is there anyone who teased you or anything you can share anything with me for I am your older brother dear.
Sasha: Bhae uh uh Bhae; yes Sasha come along say it and off with it; Bhae there is a boy on my bus stop who keeps on following me from the bus stop to home and and I’m scared of him and trust me I don’t know him.
Sharib: (His eyes were filled with bristle) but he managed to collect himself oh, so that’s the problem and I do trust you and let me see things how I can do them you just wait and watch now.
Sasha: But bhae you won’t do anything wrong or brassy. You have to use your wisdom instead of power.
Sharib: Yeah right like you did it after wasting so many days you are telling me about that trash.
Sasha: But I was scared of you that what might you think of me and how would you react?
Sharib: Okay now just go to your room and there isn’t any need of anxiousness calm yourself now and try to be brave in plots like this. And tomorrow i’ll go with you and hide myself you’ll keep on walking the way you do everyday and let him follow you so that I can trap that bloody rat in the best possible way.
Sasha: Okay i’ll do the same but i’m afraid that he might hurt you.
Sharib: That’s the biggest trouble of your life this phrase i’m afraid ah! okay there won’t be any such thing and stop overthinking and do as I say.
Sasha: Okay (she walked towards her room anxiously).

Act II:

Next morning both Sasha and Sharib walked to the bus stop together and Sharib told Sasha to be composed and behave normal.
Sharib: Now listen Sasha we are going to separate our path for now you come to stop and i’ll be right there behind the tree so that no-one can get a clue that i’m with you right?
Sasha: Yeah right i’m good (said in an awkward manner).
Sharib: Good! What? Ah Sasha be brave do not look like an horrified girl so that people swallow you just because you are looking inviting; you know what I mean exactly I mean stop disgracing yourself with these fancy fears and just think that you’re my sister and i’m your brother, your older brother.
Sasha: hm okay i’m fine now seriously.
They went and did everything according to the plan.;
When Sasha reached at the bus stop she saw that man, she looked at her brother carefully and told him in the eyes about his presence and nodded her head too. Sharib wanted to kill that guy then and there, but he couldn’t do that as he has to wait for Sasha to leave.
As soon as Sasha left for her college he showed up from behind the tree;
Sharib: Hey you (aggressively) his tone went heavier with anger;
who the hell are you? and why are you following my sister (he grabbed his collar with his hands and shaking him wildly).
Stranger: What sister? wh! whose sister? What are you talking man I don’t know nothing and you just off with my collar and let me go.
Sharib: Stop playing coy with me! tell me who are you or i’m going to smack your face.
Stranger: Oh! see what a headless man you are why would I follow anyone and I don’t know why are you behaving in such a lunatic manner with me.
Sharib: Alright so you’re not going to tell anything this way; he said that and started hitting him like a beast it seemed as if he is going to kill him or squeeze him to death, to teach him a lesson, lesson of a lifetime. Pedestrians intruded and tear them apart;
Stranger: While running for his life he stated that i’ll teach you a lesson now and i’ll take revenge for all this humiliation.
Sasha: When Sasha reached at stop she didn’t see that man it had filled her with ultimate
Wohoo (smilingly) so after all my brother has taught him the hardest lesson of his filthy life huh
(puffing proudly).
But her smile was soon to begone when someone had hit her on the head and she blacked out.

Act III:

Sharib: Where is she gone it’s 6:00 O’clock in the evening (anxiously) walking in the lounge waiting for Sasha;
Taking to himself; Where can she go? Whom should I call? I already have called everyone ah!
what a bad spot for me I don’t know what to do. What would I say to mother when she will ask; huf horrid circumstance really horrid.
Sasha: Ah ha! Painfully trying to getting up; what is this place? where am I? who took me here, and where is my brother what’s going on here Oh my ALLAH what is happening with me; many questions in one breath as she was terribly horrified.
She was slammed in a room, miserable, dark and frumpy.
Sasha: Rushed towards the door and started beating it madly, Is there someone? Please open the door Please! I beg of you; she pledged to ask for freedom.
She heard someone’s boot’s tap she started searching for something to rescue herself and then she got a glass bottle she bore it and hide herself behind the door so, that she can attack before anyone attacks her.
A man entered in the room very ugly looking with long and heavy mustache he looked merely like a creepy devilish ghost who is thirsty for blood and life.
Sasha: As he entered and stepped in the room she came behind the door at his back and tried to attack him but he turned at her and she started reciting Kalimah and, with the broken piece of glass she attacked on his face enormously that he couldn’t stand it and fell down, she locked that man in the room and ran away.
Sasha: He was the same man who used to follow me ah how cruel these animals can be he is not a man, no never! her moral is shattered but she managed to compose herself as she still has to find her way back to her home.
After walking for an hour she finally stepped on the main road and now she knew where exactly she was going as she was an intelligent girl who is very good at directions too, beauty and brain together.
Finally she reached at home;
there is a knock at the door;
Sharib runs towards the main gate and it’s Sasha with blooded hands and clothes,
parched lips and dead breath Sharib and her mother took her in and gave her a glass of water so, that she may speak about her condition.
She stayed still and silent just like a horrid sculpture;
Mother: (Her mother cried) why is she not speaking and looking at us, Sasha at least talk to us, tell us what happened? And where have you been till this late hour? Speak up do not test my patient any more, I have had already enough of this strain ( she started crying).
Sharib: Ammi take her to the wash room and wash her hands and face she’ll be fine after
washing her face she will speak and she will have to.
Sasha: After washing her hands and face she came back and started mumbling with horror ah! that man that bloody man , the dark its too dark she went on saying these words it’s too dark…
Mother: What man, what darkness, is she gone crazy why is she behaving like this Oh! Lord; what is going on Sharib?
Sharib: He somehow understood what was she talking about. He asked Sasha to calm down and tell everything in detail.
Sasha then revealed the whole black episode and after listening to her there was pin drop silence everyone muted then, Sharib broke the ice;
Sharib: How and why should I believe in your words? How do I know that whatever you are saying is true to its root?
Sasha: (Looking at her brother amusingly) Bhae what do you mean by all these questions and why would I lie in such situation?
Sharib: Because I know you, I know how cowardly you behave how can I believe that you have done all this in just one frame of test, people spend lives to be that great and brave ah, I don’t know I cannot just trust this story. There is something more to know tell me all about it tell me why did you do that to us? Tell me ( Furiously he is inquiring his sister for his fake ego and pride)
Sasha: Trust me bhae I was all alone I know you are right, that I never behaved in that manner but your voice, and your words at that time they were my strength, they kept on buzzing in my heart and ears saying that I should be strong, I should not depend on anyone believe me, trust me bhae you were my strength you( she is crying now)
Sharib: Yeah right! only few words have changed your life and personality please stop fooling me and tell me the truth, why should I believe that you? Are pure and chaste?
After hearing these words from her own brother whom she loved and trusted the most it
was like she is standing in wilderness and there is no one to whom she can ask for help when her own blood is not with her.
Sasha: (Turned to her mother) Ammi you know me i’m your daughter please ask bhae to not do this to me; ammi I have not done anything wrong i’m still pure as I were please say something please! (Pledging to her own family)
But her mother didn’t speak a word.
Mother: Go to your bed and we will talk about this matter in the morning it’s already quite late and we all need some time and space to think over it.
Sharib: (Angrily) There won’t be any talk about this matter never never I said ammi are hearing?
No talk means not a single word but my last sentence where I put her into a plot as she did for us, I do not want to see her face here in the house and you girl listen! in the morning pack your things and leave this house I do not believe in your Tarzan tale understand!
Mother: Sharib stop it now she is your sister watch your way how you’re talking to her.
Sasha interrupted;
Sasha: I’ll leave.


Sasha: Thinking in her mind;
What kind of relationships we have which are so weak and pale that can be so easy to break or erase. Why have I trusted my brother that high? He loved me did he? No it was just a brag nothing more than a pose. She wept whole night.
After Fajar’s prayer Sasha started crying and asked for help to ALLAH she asked for
forgiveness, courage, respect and a firm dignity. Then she raised and walked towards the main gate, she didn’t know where to go but she didn’t want to see her brother’s cruel side again as he is the most ugliest thing in the world for her as he questioned her dignity and respect.
When she stepped out of the door all of a sudden she decided to go to Zareena Begum’s house, she is Sasha’s teacher and she also knows Sasha since her childhood.
Zareena Begum is a very kind and humble woman Sasha could not find anyone better than her in this hard time, but she still have melee in her heart whether she’ll believe her or not as her own relationships have dejected her or disowned her.
Zareena Begum: (Bell rang) She saw the wall clock and murmured ah I know it would be the milkman, oh I myself have to raise for everything this boy doesn’t have any compassion for his poor mother, as she tried to raise from her bed Hammad cried ammi i’m going you don’t get up.

Hammad is Zareena’s only child.
Zareena Begum: Oh Sir that’s your greatness i’m very thankful to you but just to inform you that I was almost up for that task why can’t you do things on your own.
She is altogether a funny lady and speaks in this manner just to add fun into their lives.
Hammad: Sasha you! he asked amusingly; I mean at this time.
Sasha: Yeah um I need to meet with Ma’am for some urgent and personal reason is she at
Hammad: Yeah she is here but why are you here at this time? I mean your appearance at this time has just stunned me.
Sasha: Had tears in her eyes as she felt that the entire world is questioning her and she has to answer every single person. She turned to go back as it seemed that no one is going to trust her.
No nothing i’m going.
Hammad: No no! I didn’t meant that i’m so sorry for behaving like that please come ammi is here please.
Sasha: She moved slowly stepped in and then stopped right there on door step.
Hammad: What happened come in please.
Sasha: No I mean would you please call Ma’am here ?( she didn’t want to trust anyone)
Hammad: Oh! that’s the stuck, she is inside let me call her wait Amiiiiiiiii he cried.
Zareena Begum: Ahh! boy why are you blasting your vocal cords early in the morning at least have some mercy on my ears; I don’t know which comedy series I have watched when I was expecting him such a character he is. (mumbling to herself).
Hammad: So, now you have heard these melodies of my cuckoo bird ah would you like to come or is there something more for me to bear.
Sasha: Quietly entered.
Zareena Begum: After seeing Sasha she was about to ask her why is she here but she saw
tears in her eyes and felt strained;
Oh my child what happened to you why are you crying?
Sasha: Tried to tell her everything but couldn’t control her tears.
Zareena Begum: Oh my child! stop crying say something so, that I may know what happened, and what to do for you please stop crying is everything fine at home?
Sasha: Gathered herself, Ma’am Bhae and ammi has asked me to leave the house Ma’am I
have left there home I will never go there again never in my life.
Zareena Begum: What! are you gone mad, it’s next to impossible for a mother to ask her
daughter to leave her house like that.
Sasha: Ma’am actually that day I mean that night she suddenly stopped her flow by looking at Hammad,,,
Zareena Begum: She got the idea that she is getting disturbed by his presence;
Hammad can’t you see two girls are talking; why are you standing here and with whom’s permission? go to your room.
Hammad went to his room and Zareena asked Sasha to tell her all the details so that she could find some solution.
Sasha: Told her everything and started crying again;
Where should I go, and what should I do Ma’am, I don’t know I am totally blank.
That is why, I came here I know you are the only one who will get me out of this miserable scenario, Ma’am please take me to some good social houses where I can live my life far from these people.
Zareena Begum: Okay, okay just be quiet and calm yourself I don’t know about others but I know you as I am your teacher, I know your character’s positive side and the shortcomings as well. I know you can be anything but not the way they have explained you. Don’t worry I am with you, and I do believe in your words I have lived and experienced many cases in my life seen many people that is why, I know this society’s jaws are very sharp, in our society woman cannot stand for anything neither for their dignity, nor for the rights men make laws and they make them as per their suit. And you are not going anywhere you will live right here with me.
Sasha: But Ma’am how can I live here; I mean I cannot live here as Hammad (she stops).
Zareena Begum: I know, I know, what are you trying to say but my child as, you are my student, and I know you similarly, I can trust my own child also. Trust me he is a good guy or if, you cannot believe in that then trust my upbringing and you also know him since childhood don’t you?
Sasha: Huh! yeah know him, (she smiled sarcastically) I thought I knew my brother also and trusted him the most anyhow.
Zareena Begum: You are distressed for sure but you cannot see everyone under one shade, and if you want to move on in this society you have to be courageous enough to forget all this, and bring confidence in yourself. When you trusted your brother at that time you didn’t even know your own personality but as, for now if you want to prove yourself you have to love and respect your own self with a greater trust when you’ll trust yourself you’ll be able to trust the world with its real meaning.
Sasha: But Ma’am….
Zareena Begum: (Interrupted her) Listen Sasha you cannot cut off yourself from the society you have to live and survive, and for survival we need to trust each other, life cannot be lead by only one example.
Sasha: You’re right Ma’am i’ll try to forget everything but the lesson i’ll remember for all times.
Zareena Begum: That’s like a good girl oh! how foolish I am didn’t offer you anything to eat, you must be hungry I know you won’t be able to swallow anything in this worst situation, but this life, and it doesn’t stop for anything and anyone. Let me
make breakfast and we’ll eat together meanwhile, you try to feel at home hahaha just joking.

Act IV:
Two months have passed nobody have looked for her neither her mother, nor Sharib this thing is killing Sasha that; is she nothing to them? she is having many questions in her mind confusing and teasing her.
Sasha: After offering prayer she raised her hands to make pray;
She started with a question;

Oh my Almighty Lord am I filthy? And disgraceful? But I have done nothing wrong which can spot my conscience black so, why these people they do not believe in me? Oh my Merciful Lord, please make me strong, courageous and make me feel happy, I am forgetting these pleasures of happiness. I do not want to be dead when I am alive. Grant me forgiveness, I have asked everything from Thee, please show me my true self, my own true self. I beg and pledge to Thee, My Glorious Lord, Please help me and save me. I want to say a lot; there are many things, I want to voice but I don’t have words or may be, I have words which do not have voice, but You can understand even my silence Aameen
She wept for quite long and laid half- fainted in her room.
Hammad: He heard her groaning, what happened are you okay( from outside the room he asked) after having no reply he went in and saw her lying down worriedly he said;
wake up Sahsa what happened to you let me call ammi
He shouted.
Hammad: He brings a glass of water; please take it have some water and be strong
Sasha what are you doing to yourself you have to be brave I mean, I don’t know what to say where is ammi he mumbled.
Zareena Begum: What happened, tell me what happened to her? Hammad tell me what did you say to her?
Hammad: Ammi I have done nothing I have not said a word to her I was just passing by and heard her groans I called her several times when she didn’t reply I entered the room and saw her lying on floor that’s it trust me.
Zareena Begum: She took her to the bed, and very affectionately asked her; is there any
problem here Sasha are you not willing to stay here?
Sasha: (Composing herself) No Ma’am i’m fine here in fact, more than fine and don’t worry it was my last time to cry, I won’t cry any more, after this moment, from now on I’ll be a different person I have asked for Courage and I will practice it. ( there is smile and a glitter of hope in her eyes as if, this prayer has changed her altogether). I’ll stay happy and keep others happy that’s the only aim of my life.
Zareena Begum: Ooh I am so happy for you, I just can’t believe that you can be so convincingly strong May God bless you.

Time is moving fast and after some days Hammad asked his mother that he wants to marry with Sasha.
Hammad: Ammi eham! (reluctantly) I need to talk to you about something very serious and special.
Zareena Begum: haha serious and special and you yeah right my son.
Hammad: Ammi please stop doing this.
Zareena Begum: Okay go on go on.
Hammad: I want to marry with Sasha( He said in just one breath without looking into his
mother’s eyes).

Zareena Begum: What? Are you gone mad Hammad? How on earth you think of her this way?
Hammad: Why ammi don’t you like her or may be you don’t trust her character like others.
Zareena Begum: Stop puking rubbish out of your mouth, I do trust her more than I trust you and that’s not my point Hammad, dear my point is that You do not deserve her or she deserves someone far better than you.
Hammad: Standing sadly but, Zareena Begum: (While watching his sad face) Come here! sit, see Hammad things are not as simple as you think my son, I know you are a great guy and you can make her happy but I do not want to profit myself of her staying here. I mean I know that’s not my intention neither yours but she can think like that. And her condition is still not that firm that I can talk to her about these
sensitive issues. I hope you are understanding my views.(She looked at Hammad with
questioning eyes)
Hammad: Taking mother’s hand in his hands; But ammi if I ask Sahsa about this and if, by any chance her reply is positive then will you accept her as my wife? I just want to know your answer.
Zareena Begum: Why not? Hammad what do you think that whatever I have done for her is just out of humanity; no Hammad I do trust her, I know her that she is a great girl with a beautiful soul and, that would be a great blessing of my life.
Hammad: Alright then keep your suspicions aside and let me talk to her myself and i’ll
handle the situation and, I know I can do that better than you my Old Lady(teasingly smiles).
He knocked at Sasha’s door and asked for permission;
Hammad: Can I come in?
Sasha: yes you can.
Hammad: um! actually I need to talk to you if, you are not busy can I take a little of your time?
Sasha: You have something important to say to me but what?
Hammad: Alright before putting my words in judge’s court let me clarify few things that; do not take my words wrong and please hold your words back to consider or value my project.
Sasha: You are confusing me, and why are you stretching your talk just say it Hammad I can listen anything now.
Hammad: Okay then here I go, See I don’t have any issues what has happened with you
and this not a sympathy. My feelings are for the girl whom I know since my childhood not for the girl who is staying with us here just for few months. I liked you before and I love you now I want to marry with you only if, you think i’m good for you and if I deserve you.
Sasha: Marry? to me?
Hammad: Yes to you and as I have told you before I love the girl I know since my childhood so please don’t take it to the other side please.
Sasha: But why?( she shouted aggressively) Why do you trust me when my own blood dis-owned me? Who am I to you Hammad? And why do I trust you?
Hammad: Because you yourself have said that day that, you will remain happy and keep others happy, and you believe and trust in GOD and that YE will provide you with all the happiness you deserve in your life. I just want to be the part of that happiness, but if you don’t want to accept my proposal you have right to say no, and I will never talk about this ever in my life. Just think with a cool mind and don’t forget, its love not anything else.
He left Sasha with a huge turmoil.
Sasha: Talking to herself, Why can’t I trust him as, I know he is a good man or may be I think that he should marry someone better than me, better than me! but why? what is wrong in me am I not good enough to be with someone? Ma’am said me the very first day when I came here that, I have to respect and trust myself that is the only thread which will help me in trusting others and making my way in society so why not me? Yes I do deserve goodness and happiness I know Hammad is a good man but I am not bad either so why am I confusing my life with these fake allegations. Huh! I must think about it.
Saasha went to Zarrena Begum’s room;
Sasha: Ma’am I want to talk to you can I sit with you?
Zareena Begum: Sure, sure why not Sasha come.
Sasha: Ma’am I want to talk about Hammad.
Zareena Begum: Hammad! Did he say something to you, or I mean anything wrong?
Sasha: No no Ma’am everything is fine its just that he ….I guess you know it don’t you?
Zareena Begum: Know what? If you are not going to tell me how would I come to know what are you talking about him.( She wants to hear it from her) and he is not that obedient as you think okay, let me call him and i’ll ask him too Hammad she cried come here immediately its urgent.
Sasha: No! no please don’t call( he is here she didn’t even complete her sentence)
Hammad: Yes mom what’s the rush?
Zareena Begum: I’ll tell you what’s the rush, come here, what did you say to her?
Hammad: Ask her she is here to tell you why should I interrupt?
Zareena Begum: Looking at Sasha; okay my sweetie you tell me what did you want to say.
Sasha: Hammad has um! Ma’am ask him to tell you what he said.
Hammad: Okay if that’s the case! Ammi I have done nothing I have just proposed her.
Zareena Begum: Oooh I see! oh so what’s the big deal I know you didn’t like the boy so you are here to say No to this proposal, Sasha don’t worry my child I myself do not like this boy for you (Making situation funny for everyone)
Sasha: No Ma’am I wanted to say something else I mean…
Zareena Begum: Something else?
Sasha: I wanted to say …Yes ( rushed towards her room)
Both Hammad and Zareena Begum were extremely happy. There cheeks were blushing and blooming like a rose.
The very next day Zareena Begum decided to go to Sasha’s house to talk to them about this whole scene, Sasha tried to stop her but she felt it important.
Zareena Begum and Hammad at Sasha’s house;
Almost half an hour passed and none of them had asked about Sasha after some time Zareena Begum ruptured the silence;

Zareena Begum: I am here to inform you or to ask you that I want to tie the knot between Sasha and Hammad so, it was my duty to ask you as you are her mother and Sharib is her Older brother. I’m wondered that not even once you have asked about her!
Sharib: Listen Auntie we are not here to listen every other person’s point of views we do not have time for all these useless talks, we have done our best to provide her good life she should have thought before…
Zareena Begum: Interrupted Sharib Before, before what before her nab or before your fight with that brute, do not pretend yourself inhuman Sharib.
Sharib: How do we know whether she was nabbed or eloped huh!
Hammad: Raised from his chair angrily stop it now just hold you tongue and watch your words Mr. so called Brother, She is no more your sister but she is going to be my life partner try to be respectful or i’ll show you the respect and mirror too.
Sharib: ah! mirror let me show you the mirror you stupid lad as long as she kept herself into her limits we made everything superior for her, loved her like anything, but now when she has done such a deed she is nothing and no more to our family.
Hammad: Love huh! stop disgracing the purity of love what kind of love is it? When she needed you the most you left her alone.
Zareena Begum: Holding Hammad’s hands Hammad lets go we should not stay here anymore and stop behaving like this lets go( pulling Hammad).
Hammad: Lets go and Sasha was right we shouldn’t have come here we have just insulted ourselves.
Zareena Begum: Its okay now relax and do not tell this to her you know she is already heart broken.
Hammad: I know.

Finally the wedding has started and both are looking gorgeous and happy.
At mehndi ceremony Sasha was a bit depress too as there is no-one from her family. She was missing her mother but, then looked at Zareena begum from a distance and smiled that everything happens for good.
Sasha’s Mother couldn’t control to come and see Sasha as a bride after all she is her daughter;
Zareena Begum: Sasha look who is here.
Sasha: Turning around she stood stunned by seeing her mother.
Mother: Sasha my child my doll How pretty you are looking She hugged her but Sasha was still and silent.
Sasha please my child forgive me I beg you my child I have done a horrid thing to you I know though, I am a mother but I am ashamed of myself please forgive me please (she collapse her hands into one another crying and pledging)
Sasha: (Sasha only replied with a cold voice) I am no-one to forgive Ammi.
There was no warmth in their blood anymore.


A Play by Ayesha Aamir,

All copyrights are reserved.

Psychological Effects of war under the light of War poetry.



To begin our argument first we will make our understanding of both romantic and war poetry.

Romantic poetry started in the late 19th century as an inspirational result of French revolution. It talks about nature, love, emotions, feelings, faith and humanity. It works to illuminate the power of imagination through an immense fantasized picture of life and nature.

War poetry is basically the after effect of Second World War in the modern times of history. It draws a clear picture of war terror and its horrific destructions. Basic purpose of war poetry was to tell the world how these chaotic destructions effect and humiliate mankind. It brings the chaos and leaves behind the scattered and shattered souls of humans unworthy. It tells us how the people of modern time lost their faith and hope because of this evil war of technology and power. Therefore there is a drastic difference between romantic poetry and war poetry.

For a romanticist nature does not only serve the sight of mankind but it also has a magical healing power that heals the wounded soul. It brings satiety and runs in our body like blood. For them every cuckoo’s chirp beats in our heart. But, for modern or Trench poets’ nature has no more powers of healing souls neither it can prevent humans from destruction. Hope, faith, religion and imagination were things of past for modern man.



Introduction of P.B Shelley and Wilfred Owen:

P.B Shelley was born on August 4, 1792 and died on July 8, 1822. He is well known for his revolutionary ideals and was banished from the State for possessing such critical views about state politics.

Wilfred Owen was born on March 18, 1893 and died on November 4, 1918. He was a great modern poet who has an immense contribution in war poetry. He very artistically portrayed all the miseries of war. He created a crystal clear picture of physical and mental torment of Second World War.


Comparative analysis:

I would like to open my argument with P.B Shelley’s great piece of work Ode to the West Wind. His very ode clearly represents Shelley’s revolutionary ideals which were called rebellious thoughts of a rebel. He seems to give prophesy that something bad is going to happen. He seems to know the outcomes of the rule of his time in England. He couldn’t stop them with power but, the power of words he delivered is remembered for centuries now. The flaw with him is not of having revolutionary thoughts our clash with him is to seek help from the west wind. Why I used the word clash? Because it is contradictory that after having the realization of mankind’s superiority over every other creature how cans one seek help from an inferior one? Like other romantic poets Shelley is also imagining things to the height of fantasy on the other hand Wilfred is talking about reality and the real gloom of human sorrows.

Shelly talks about hope, faith and God’s help in such a fashion that all of a sudden west wind will blow and sweep off all the misfortunes of humans as dust is been swept from a flower. Owen gives us the real picture that how man is helpless and weak. How power of other man can destroy your soul and body within seconds. He tells the reality of fantasy and imagination that it can serve to get an escape from the world of harsh realities for a little while but it can never take you away from them. He talks about the disability and crippled bodies of people after war and how they feel about themselves in his poem Disable. The poem is quite heart touching and moves its reader by all means. Shelley talks about nature’s revenge and seek motivation from a skylark in his poem To a Skylark which compels one to think of his distrust in his very own self. But he like Owen is also disturbed by the destruction of humanity. He is right at his court of account that a ray of hope should never be left behind. Sometimes even a little dim can save you from the eternal darkness of humiliation and that little dim is your courage or it might be your perception, intellect or spirituality. Owen on the other hand talks about the mental destruction of humans in his Poem Mental Cases, where he tells about the mental upheavals of modern man after facing the destructive time of war. He left no room fo9r faith and hope. Modern man seems tired of these terms. He wants to create his own destiny with his own hands. He wants gold and diamonds but not the real pearls of love, life and knowledge.

Shelley’s very thought of hope is quite transparent in the closing lines of his poem when he says;

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,

If winter comes, can Spring be far behind?


Very beautifully and gracefully he reflects his thought of hoping for good days. He is a real artist and a lyricist of his time. The portrait of his words amuses the reader and serves a pleasant sight of life and proves that nature does possess this power of bringing satiety into the heart of its lover.

But, Owen gives this amusement a rest and set his course for his readers to take them into the real side of life. As in his poem Disable he proves to tell the world that they can kill people but they cannot kill intellect. His thoughts are alive till date. If we call him an eye-opener it will be quite justified. He tells us how someone feels after losing any of his/her ability. Everything is a gift of God and to be deprived of something is a killing feeling for the one who is suffering from the loss. Loss of family, loss of relations, emotions, feelings and loss of body parts all these losses are extremely painful. They cannot be measured and can never be explained by words. Words can define the terms but they cannot convey the true worth or essence of pain. He very truly said;


Now, he will spend a few sick years in institutes,

And do what things the rules consider wise,

And take whatever pity they may dole.

Tonight he noticed how the women’s eyes

Passed from him to the strong men that were whole.

How cold and late it is! Why don’t they come

And put him into bed? Why don’t they come?


It was he who had the pain, Owen tried to draw the picture of his painful emotions and he did so, but there are some certain things which are unsaid but felt by the reader. He was not facing the hard reality of physical disability but the crushes of his scattered soul were hurting more.

As Shelly asks the Skylark to provide him with some motivational power as he was inspired by the song it sung it is again a peak of imagination and fantasy that provides reader a room to relax and also learn to be a practical man in a lighter manner. His subject matter is also highly serious but his mode of reflecting his thought is attractive and inspirational.


Both Wilfred Owen and Shelley have some similarities in their themes. Shelley talks about nature and its soothing impact on humans minds, whereas Owen tells the real and practical side of it. Both draw down the image of human feelings and emotions according to their present scenarios. Shelley is of the view how the political corruption is playing with the feelings of human soul and Owen portrays a complete image of War destruction that how it has demolished the psyche of 20th century man. They almost possess no personality either they are physically crippled or mentally ragged.


Wilfred Owen in his poem Mental Cases depicts a very terrific picture of 20th century man’s mind and soul. They are ruptured spiritually. By the usage of many strong words like purgatorial, drooping tongues, flying muscles, blood smear, blood-black, shrinking eyeballs e.t.c. he very successfully created an hunted image of his time. He reveals the mental conditions of people who had faced the harsh music of War. They are far from hope, faith and illusions. All their pleasant perspectives are shattered to the ground.  Shelley also tells his readers that how these political monsters are leading them to the way of savagery.


The crux of my argument is that all for poems have served mankind through a clear picture of reality and imagination. Art is what pleases your soul, heart and mind and these poems serve all three areas of human perception. And for me Owen and Shelley both deserve a great honor of transmitting their valuable ideologies in such a graceful manner. At the end to make it look more attractive I would like to add my definition of art and literature;


“A piece of art is a piece of heart”.

All copyrights are reserved.